Purple Fantasy Crafts (my webstore)

Here are all the links to the crafts I do and sell. I have loved doing crafts since forever and just recently decided to do it for pets as well. To my surprise I like to make crafts for pets way more than any other, they look so cute when wearing it!! I also love doing natural soaps, these are all natural and great for the skin not like many commercial soaps.

I love doing custom made orders!! That way you or your pet can have something unique and made with love.

Here are the links to my creations:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/people/PurpleFantasy-Crafts/100001229348108

Artfire: www.artfire.com/users/PurpleFantasyCrafts

Etsy: www.etsy.com/people/KillerCute

Here are some photos of my work!!

Pet jewelry:


Cellphone Cases:


One response to “Purple Fantasy Crafts (my webstore)

  1. E- love love LOVE your stuff!! The chanel collar is to die for!!! Love your blog and have become a huge fan!! Also now totally want an IG!! They are just gorgeous and so sweet!! Love you girl! You rock! Xoxoxoxo.

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