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Micro Bubbles Therapy (Spa Day for Candy)

Candy had a microbubble treatment today and I must say I was impressed by it. We are very happy with everything at the store, from the service to the actual treatment and prize. They only charged us $10.00 (original prize is $25.00) and she received the treatment for 15 minutes. I will take her monthly because this treatment helps with dog who suffer from skin allergies.

This treatments helps your dog in many ways and they don’t use any shampoo or others products besides water to clean them so it is very safe. This cleans all the dirt from the skin and pores, and helps the hair retrieve its original shine.

Here is more information about it if you want to know more:

I forgot to take pictures when they did it =( but I did got to see them doing it from far =) which took all my anxiety away. I was anxious because Candy hates water but she actually loved the treatment LOL she was very relaxed after it too.

Here are some pictures of other customers though, Enjoy!!! =D

Isn’t it a gorgeous doggie spa and boutique??

The Spa section!

This is where they do the treatment

For big dogs…

and tiny!

This was how I found Candy when I picked through the door, she was very relaxed. Even thought she did see me she didn’t cry or tried to run to get to me which took me by surprise, means it does relax your pup!!

We even got this beautiful collar!!

Leave me alone I’m trying to see the birds mom!!

Here is a very impressive video of what you can achieve with this treatment in a dog who has skin conditions

Lastly I would recommend this to any dog owner because it is a good way and cheap also to give something to your dog which he or she will enjoy very much.

Take Care Everyone!!!



Pet n Shape Treats = LOVE!

I’m always looking for great treats for Candy but also with no preservative and not many ingredients since she is allergic to some things.

I got a hold of these Pet n Shape treats and I wasn’t totally sure I should give them to her but I did. To my surprise she LOVED them!!! Not only that but are great for sensitive dogs!!

I bought her the Chik ‘n Breast and the Duck ‘n Sweet Potato.

Duck ‘n Sweet Potato (I know this is the chicken recipe but I couldn’t find a photo of the duck one. But they look the same)

Chik ‘n BreastHere is a little info on the products:

Our Natural Healthy Treats feature: NO additives or coloring, NO preservatives, LOW in calories, LOW in cholesterol and HIGH in proteins.

How amazing is that?? They have duck recipes, lamb recipes and chicken recipes. You can choose from a wide variety of types of treats within these meats. They are very unexpensive, I only paid $5.99 each. I also searched reviews about them online and they all gave these products 5 stars. Now every time I open her food and treats container she comes running believing I will give her one of the treats LOL and don’t get me wrong I do give her one every other day but if it were for her she would have them every day at least twice a day.

Here is their website: 

What treats do your dog loves?? Share recipes also if you have!!

Have a nice day!!! We love you all!! <3


IGWhispers: An internet Italian Greyhound forum

When I got Candy I wanted to be the best mom so I started looking for a good forum where people could answer me a few questions I had since she was only one month old and was sick with worms and eyes infection. I came across and I gave it a try. It is the BEST Italian Greyhound Forum you can find on the internet, I promise you!!! They have amazing people who respects everyone opinions and it is a place where no one is judged by nationality or where they got their dogs from (which tends to happen a lot in other forums). They also have many people who know a LOT about the breed and can help you with anything you need to know.

Candy and I have made many amazing friends over there and we love it everyday more and more.

Some of the cool features they have in the website are: monthly photo contest with prizes, a calendar made with members dog photos every year, did I said amazing members already?!?!, links to great ig related stores, Secret Santa gift exchange every Christmas, a guest and visitors board  and they have even started to consider an Iphone app so we can post anywhere we are =D

The have many other features such as a board for nutrition, one for rescues and many other great boards.

If you have an Italian Greyhound you should definitely become a member over there!!

The link to the website is:

Beautiful Devon was feature in the forum. (They feature every few months a new dog member)


Emily and Candy

Jewelry Love!!

Hello everyone!!! ^.^

Candy and I wanted our first real post to be about what we love to do, JEWELRY!!!

Candy:  “So mom has an online store called Purple Fantasy Crafts, if you haven’t seen it go to the Purple Fantasy Crafts page where she posted all the info. I love everything she does and I love wearing them!!! Oh and I love that Im her number one model and…..”

Ok we get it, you like it!! LOL now, continuing on. Here are some photos of the work I have done so far, I love making custom jewelry and Im always thinking of new ideas.


Oh and let me know you guys opinion on my work, it’s always good to know what people thing so you can improve your work.

Bye for now!!

Candy: I love you all!!