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PCOS and a 23 year old student

This new post is going to be about a situation that’s a huge part of my life right now and not in a good way.  This is going to be kinda long too but I want to tell everyone about it, so if you know someone who has been diagnosed with this or even you have it you can relate and even talk about it with me. Also know that you are not alone in this. This is a very stressful and hard condition to have in many ways and as the years go by I have learned to accept it and love me for who I am, with imperfections and all. I know that as I get older this will get worse so I have to be strong and ready for whatever it comes.

I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) when I was 18 years old by a gynecologist, Since that day I have been struggling with it and trying to get it under control which has been very hard. If you don’t know what PCOS is here is a good link with many information about it:

It was not until this last year that all my symptoms really got worse. I was having troubles with: my mood swings, acne, oily skin, dandruff, weight gain, anxiety, depression, sleep apnea and many other things Im really to ashamed to write about. It really has been hell and I think it was thanks to a change in my medications. Since I was diagnosed with PCOS I was taking Yazmin (birth control pills) which my body eventually got so use to that it just stopped working, my doctor change it to Yaz (which made things even worse) and then I decided to have a second opinion. I went to a endocrinologist and he prescribed me provera 10 mg for 7 days every month. This just made things even worse. Two weeks ago I went again and explained to him that I was even missing my periods again. With that said he told me I had to go back to Yazmin pills which where the ones that once worked fine. He also told me that when they stop working again that I had to go back to provera and so on. I just hope that with Jazmin everything goes back to normal again and I just stop being miserable at all times.

This really sucks!! -_- it’s like a never ending story. My self-esteem has been damaged thanks to all this. I feel sick all the time and everyday I see a new symptoms. Also, this has affected my social skills with people. But I have to say this has taught me a lot of things in life, I have family and friends who love me for me and not because of my looks. Also this has helped me to grow and understand people going trough similar situations. Most of all I have learned to accept that I’m beautiful no matter what and that people really should stop looking into Hollywood and more into what’s really beautiful in a person. Our world is a beautiful place and each day we learn something new but if all you do is wrapped yourself into what society wants out of you, you are never going to be happy.

Here are some great PCOS Awareness photos I found:

Oh well, ladies and gents I hope I didn’t bored you LOL

Love you all!!