Candy’s About Me…

Hi!!! My name is Lady Candy but my momma calls me Candy, I’m almost two years old and I love my life!!! <3

I’ve been here since a pup at one month old so she is really attached to me. She got me from a not so good breeder so I was sick and had worms and eyes infection, she took me to the vet right away so I was better in just a few days. After that I developed skin and tummy issues thanks to food allergies which turn out to be that I can’t have foods with grains. I started a grain-free kibble diet months ago and I’m doing great. I like my new food a LOT (Acana’s Pacific) I recommended to any other four legged friend. 

Seven months ago my mom took me to Old San Juan (A really pretty place) so I could spend the day with her and her friend Ian. Well I got too excited and the leash slipt from her hands, I started to run like a mad dog and fell from a 10 foot wall. =( I didn’t like that experience at all and I broke my right front leg. Three days after the accident I went through surgery and had a plate and seven screws on my leg, I hated it and my mom didn’t let me out of the house for the next five months but she was beside me all the time giving me kisses and treats. After many care from her and everyone here at my house I got better but the plate and screws started to go out of place so I had to go under surgery again so the vet could take the plate and screws off. Oh well it has been  1 year since that and my leg is looking better than ever =D I can play, run and have fun now without having any issues!!

I forgot to mention my mom has two nephews, Michael and Phillip which I love more than anyone in the world. They are 10 and 5 years old and I follow them all day long when they are here, we like to play chase with each other and sleep together. I just got told that the’re is a niece on the way and I can’t wait to meet her.

I model for some pet boutiques here from time to time, I don’t love it but moms tells me that will help me with my social skills. So far so good, I have started to wag my tail in the events and meet some dogs that are really nice.

Here where I live I don’t get to see many dogs like me so I have told my mom I want a sister. She told me that as soon as she has a house of her own she will get me a sister, YAY!!! ^.^

The things I love to do: play tug of war with anyone willing to, walks, doggie’s ice cream, snuggle with momma every night, give kisses to the mans of my life: Michael and Phillip, eat, eat grass, sun bathing, run, chasing the birds in the backyard and must of all playing fetch, I love it!!! I can do it all day long.

The things that I don’t like as much: baths! Yuck!, medicines even thought I let momma give them to me without any trouble, the vet -_- no thank you!, strangers (Im a little scared of them), loud noises, water in general (not my friend!).

Well, that’s it for now!! I have to go before mom finds out I have her computer xD

Take Care Everyone!!

Candy aka “crazy pup”


4 responses to “Candy’s About Me…

  1. Candy, you are one super cutie patootie! And I love how your name is spelled out in sugary sweets at the top of the page.

  2. Gwen, I didn’t knew you had a blog. Let me know your link so I can post it in my blogroll.

    Candy: Thank you auntie Gwen!!! I love my name very, very much!! Kisses!!

  3. Candy you are adorable and your Mom speaks so well for you :) I love how she tells you how you need to model to help improve your social skills. Very cute…..
    Around the Collar

  4. Candy: Thanks!! :-D I love doing it now because I get to play with many doggies after <3 Many kisses!!!

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