My collars now available at Diva Dogs Boutique!!!

We are soooo happy to announce that my collars made it to one of the most known pet boutiques in Puerto Rico, Diva Dogs Boutique. We have known the owner for over a year now and she has always been super nice to me and specially to Candy. She wanted to see my designs and loved them so she ordered some to see how they sell. I was so happy and thankful for this opportunity and I do hope they sell great!!

Here are some photos of the huge order!!!

Here is one of the beautiful dogs of the owner of the store (Zaira), she has three Chihuahuas and one Dachshund. The pup name is Grecia and she is a one and a half year old probably weighting around 2 pounds.  A very cute and gorgeous tiny dog!!

Here she is modeling our newest design called “The Dauphine”

And of course Candy was with me during this busy day on her new pink car seat. She loves it!!


3 responses to “My collars now available at Diva Dogs Boutique!!!

  1. Love it!! And of course love the dauphine!!! I am going to take mine to my puppy boutique here in town and see if the owner here would want to sell them!! They are simply fabulous! You know I am a huge fan!! Xoxoxo.

  2. Thanks Mary!!! =) <3 We would love that!! LOL We want to make them popular all around the world so all pups can look fab. I will be making more designs too!! I just have to get some time and think of new ideas ^.^ Love ya!!!

  3. Where did you get Candy collar? I want one for my italian greyhound.

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