Sleeping with Italian Greyhounds

One of the things that make an Italian Greyhound special is that they love to snuggle with you or with anything for that matter LOL. But BE CAREFUL!!!! Not only can it be contagious but it can lead to them snuggling everywhere around your house. They tend to hide under anything to sleep comfortable and warm which can lead to you sitting on your dog without noticing. This may sound funny but you can actually hurt them by accident.

Once I was searching for dear Candy all over the house and I couldn’t find her. I went into panic mode because a few days prior to this she went under leg surgery thanks to a leg break.  Just when I was to give up and sit down in the couch to cry I saw this:

All I could see was her leg cast.

Since my experience I have learned to always checked under anything prior to sitting down. We don’t let Candy on the couch so even if you don’t let yours on couches or beds you should always check just in case.

I end my post with many pictures of Igs sleeping and snuggling. These pictures where all summited by the lovely parents of the gorgoeus Igs at Not only do they love to snuggle and hide under anything but they sure love doing it and in many positions LOL

CAUTION: Cuteness ahead!!


Daisy from Oklahoma under the coversReggie from Nevada under the pillowsOkara from Japan under the covers in the couchCody from Maryland hiding under the covers Starbuck from Oklahoma under the covers in her mommys bedTaffy and Luigi from Wisconsin snuggling togetherRiley from RI sleeping with her jammies on (IG’s love jammies!!!)Lexi from Florida under her mom’s coversRoxy and Enzo from Georgia. That’s Roxy’s head and Enzo’s leg LOL

Now to the odd LOL

Candy doing yoga even with her leg cast on LOL She woke up thanks to me taking her picturePanga from Oklahoma enjoying her sleep lolChloe from MO She sure was dreaming lolJoey doing some yoga while sleeping LOLSweetpea and Red from Oklahoma (They decided that the toy bucket was a great bed lol)Yanni from Australia was so tired that she just literally fell asleep LOLMaverick from Colorado (her mom doesn’t know this but Candy have a crush on him!!)This is a beautiful pup named Lucia <3 She sure was tired :-)Simon from Colorado looking so sweet and comfy!!Draco from UK believes flower pots are comfortable enough LOL

Here is a video letting you know how much they like to snuggle together and how much they love beds


9 responses to “Sleeping with Italian Greyhounds

  1. What a gorgeous girl! Love to see you snuggling.

  2. I love your Blog, Emily and Candy….great job!

  3. Thanks Linda!! I hope people can use this as a referential when thinking about getting an IG. I will make many more posts about how to take care of them and what to expect.

  4. A lovely Blog, but Yanni is a she – not a he :) Iggies hugs and kisses to Candy and Emily for your promotion and love of IGs, cheers M

  5. I’m sorry!! I forgot to edit that when you told me her name, I’m really sorry about that.

    Thanks!! I hope to get you guys (the forum people) involved in my blog as much as I can so it can be a helpful blog for future IG owners.

  6. they are all the same cute cute cute

  7. where can i get an IG puppy?

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