Mom is going to study hard!!

So my mom is starting college classes today which means I have to stay alone at home from Monday to Thursday for a few hours and have some alone ADVENTURES!!! If she leaves anything out of place in her bedroom I take it as she is saying “This is your new toy have fun!!” so yeah she is one sneaky girl always hiding many things -_- But HEY! She leaves me all my toys and blankets so I still get to play even alone LOL

Well, since I’m not going to have much fun at least until Friday I wanted to take some time and remember my great vacation days when I went to the beach and had some sun bathing…..jaaaaaaa….what great days…. Enjoy them!!

Oh and later tonight I will post a website review of a forum I love and have many friends on.

One of the beaches I have gone to. I’m a tropical princess!!! LOL

I always know when mom is leaving, every time she starts getting ready I get in the bed and wait for her to leave ^.^ Me wan’t some alone time!! I mean who doesn’t

Licks to everyone!!!



2 responses to “Mom is going to study hard!!

  1. Michelle Lovell

    Candy you sure are a pretty girl. It looks like you had a great time on the boat and at the beach. I am envious, I would love to go to the beach

  2. Thanks!!! My momma sure loves taking me to her adventures ^.^ If you ever visit my country we could be your tour guides!! <3

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