Jewelry Love!!

Hello everyone!!! ^.^

Candy and I wanted our first real post to be about what we love to do, JEWELRY!!!

Candy:  “So mom has an online store called Purple Fantasy Crafts, if you haven’t seen it go to the Purple Fantasy Crafts page where she posted all the info. I love everything she does and I love wearing them!!! Oh and I love that Im her number one model and…..”

Ok we get it, you like it!! LOL now, continuing on. Here are some photos of the work I have done so far, I love making custom jewelry and Im always thinking of new ideas.


Oh and let me know you guys opinion on my work, it’s always good to know what people thing so you can improve your work.

Bye for now!!

Candy: I love you all!!


7 responses to “Jewelry Love!!

  1. Oh Candy, My boyz Simon and Maverick think your the best pin up girl ever and better than any treat I can give them <3 You tell your mommy that the Colorado gang wish only the most success in your ventures……

  2. Candy: Oh auntie Lori if you only knew!! <3 You should send them both on a permanent vacation here!!! That way we can have adventures together!! Many kisses to you and the boys!!.

  3. jesuisblonde

    the ruffle collars came out so good!!!! <3

  4. They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

  5. Cuba looks so gorgeous in her cupcake jewellery at the top of the page. She is showing off your talent to everyone where we live in the UK!
    Everyone loves it!
    Thank you so much x

  6. Thanks!!! She sure is gorgoeus!! <3

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