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An I.G. club you say??

Ok I would like to do another post just because today is a lazy day for us both ^.^

Mom recently started to look for other IG’s owners in Puerto Rico so we could have play dates and activities with them all. She didn’t have much luck finding other people with IG’s so she got kind of down. One day we came across a young woman who had one YAY!!! She was super nice and my mom was excited to asked her for play dates BUT at that time I was still getting better from my leg break. They added each other on facebook and would message each other about us and how much they liked the breed. Last week they decided it was time for a meet up and decided a pet park was the best play to do this. Since we only have two pet parks in Puerto Rico and one of them charges a lot just for one day we went to the other one, besides she lived very near the park.

We got to meet Marcela and her IG Piccola!!! <3 We love them both!!! They are the nicest and most pretty person and Ig ever!! ^.^ We are very excited and we know we will become BFF

I was a little shy at first but as time went I started to notice pet parks where pretty cool.

Piccola is 8 months old, she weights only 8 pounds and is a very social and beautiful girl.

Here she is:Isn’t she gorgeous??

Here are the rest of the photos:

We got to meet other dogs!!They even had water fountain for us!!This big guy was cool but he hurt mom =( He got on top of her and scratch her back with he’s claws, but we say is the owners fault because he wasn’t paying attention to him. He didn’t even said sorry to my mom and the pretty dog got my mom all wet since he was all wet from the mini pool.Gosh, were we tired! and happy too!!We are friends now!!! <3Piccola digging Piccola laying down in the hole she made lol she sure is special!!You are a good model Piccola!!Saying our goodbyes to the awesome dogs and their mean owner -_-But I want to keep running mom, lets stay here!!

Not only did she accomplish to finally get me an IG friend but last night she got in touch with two other Ig owners, YAY!!! More friends for me!! <3


This Walk thing is amazing!!

Hi Everyone!! Dogs and humans!!

My mom has been busy with school but everyday she takes some time to take me on walks. Since I broke my leg and had my second surgery I wasn’t able to go on long walks so mom didn’t do them at all. I got all better and she decided she was going to start taking me on long walks again and I must say that I LOVE THEM!!! Everytime she takes out the leash I get really excited and run to her so she can put me the martingale collar on. Also, I run to the door because I know we are going soon. If she takes to much time getting ready I start to cry because I just want to go NOW!!

She takes me at least on a walk of 20 minutes without stopping which usually gets me really tired but happy. We always pass through a street where there is this dog (Maltese and poodle mix) that we don’t like very much =(  Why you ask? Well she always is loose on the street and would always start barking and running toward us. Mom and I get really scared cause we know she has bitten other people before. But mom  always try to scare her off which usually does the trick. Beside that all our walk is a good adventure and I always look forward to my daily walk ^.^

Life is good without a broken leg I must say LOL

Love you all!! Kisses!!

Here are pictures of my adventures:

Come on mom hurry up, I want to see everything!!!YAY!!!Does this street never ends? I think I’m kind of tiredOn our way home!!I see our house mom, yay, yay!!

Sleeping with Italian Greyhounds

One of the things that make an Italian Greyhound special is that they love to snuggle with you or with anything for that matter LOL. But BE CAREFUL!!!! Not only can it be contagious but it can lead to them snuggling everywhere around your house. They tend to hide under anything to sleep comfortable and warm which can lead to you sitting on your dog without noticing. This may sound funny but you can actually hurt them by accident.

Once I was searching for dear Candy all over the house and I couldn’t find her. I went into panic mode because a few days prior to this she went under leg surgery thanks to a leg break.  Just when I was to give up and sit down in the couch to cry I saw this:

All I could see was her leg cast.

Since my experience I have learned to always checked under anything prior to sitting down. We don’t let Candy on the couch so even if you don’t let yours on couches or beds you should always check just in case.

I end my post with many pictures of Igs sleeping and snuggling. These pictures where all summited by the lovely parents of the gorgoeus Igs at Not only do they love to snuggle and hide under anything but they sure love doing it and in many positions LOL

CAUTION: Cuteness ahead!!


Daisy from Oklahoma under the coversReggie from Nevada under the pillowsOkara from Japan under the covers in the couchCody from Maryland hiding under the covers Starbuck from Oklahoma under the covers in her mommys bedTaffy and Luigi from Wisconsin snuggling togetherRiley from RI sleeping with her jammies on (IG’s love jammies!!!)Lexi from Florida under her mom’s coversRoxy and Enzo from Georgia. That’s Roxy’s head and Enzo’s leg LOL

Now to the odd LOL

Candy doing yoga even with her leg cast on LOL She woke up thanks to me taking her picturePanga from Oklahoma enjoying her sleep lolChloe from MO She sure was dreaming lolJoey doing some yoga while sleeping LOLSweetpea and Red from Oklahoma (They decided that the toy bucket was a great bed lol)Yanni from Australia was so tired that she just literally fell asleep LOLMaverick from Colorado (her mom doesn’t know this but Candy have a crush on him!!)This is a beautiful pup named Lucia <3 She sure was tired :-)Simon from Colorado looking so sweet and comfy!!Draco from UK believes flower pots are comfortable enough LOL

Here is a video letting you know how much they like to snuggle together and how much they love beds

IGWhispers: An internet Italian Greyhound forum

When I got Candy I wanted to be the best mom so I started looking for a good forum where people could answer me a few questions I had since she was only one month old and was sick with worms and eyes infection. I came across and I gave it a try. It is the BEST Italian Greyhound Forum you can find on the internet, I promise you!!! They have amazing people who respects everyone opinions and it is a place where no one is judged by nationality or where they got their dogs from (which tends to happen a lot in other forums). They also have many people who know a LOT about the breed and can help you with anything you need to know.

Candy and I have made many amazing friends over there and we love it everyday more and more.

Some of the cool features they have in the website are: monthly photo contest with prizes, a calendar made with members dog photos every year, did I said amazing members already?!?!, links to great ig related stores, Secret Santa gift exchange every Christmas, a guest and visitors board  and they have even started to consider an Iphone app so we can post anywhere we are =D

The have many other features such as a board for nutrition, one for rescues and many other great boards.

If you have an Italian Greyhound you should definitely become a member over there!!

The link to the website is:

Beautiful Devon was feature in the forum. (They feature every few months a new dog member)


Emily and Candy

Micro Pig??

Candy and I have been looking at youtube videos of Micro Pigs and we have decided we want one!! They are too cute, they like to play just like a dog, they are intelligent, they are very clean and they don’t mind having clothes in them. What more could you ask for?? <3 We would love to have a black little diva micro pig LOL

We can’t get any pig or dog for that matter until I have my own home but we can wish!!! Someday I will take Candy and my pig in a walk together!!

Here are some photos we found!!

That’s it for now!!

Love and hugs!!

Emily and Candy

Mom is going to study hard!!

So my mom is starting college classes today which means I have to stay alone at home from Monday to Thursday for a few hours and have some alone ADVENTURES!!! If she leaves anything out of place in her bedroom I take it as she is saying “This is your new toy have fun!!” so yeah she is one sneaky girl always hiding many things -_- But HEY! She leaves me all my toys and blankets so I still get to play even alone LOL

Well, since I’m not going to have much fun at least until Friday I wanted to take some time and remember my great vacation days when I went to the beach and had some sun bathing…..jaaaaaaa….what great days…. Enjoy them!!

Oh and later tonight I will post a website review of a forum I love and have many friends on.

One of the beaches I have gone to. I’m a tropical princess!!! LOL

I always know when mom is leaving, every time she starts getting ready I get in the bed and wait for her to leave ^.^ Me wan’t some alone time!! I mean who doesn’t

Licks to everyone!!!


PCOS and a 23 year old student

This new post is going to be about a situation that’s a huge part of my life right now and not in a good way.  This is going to be kinda long too but I want to tell everyone about it, so if you know someone who has been diagnosed with this or even you have it you can relate and even talk about it with me. Also know that you are not alone in this. This is a very stressful and hard condition to have in many ways and as the years go by I have learned to accept it and love me for who I am, with imperfections and all. I know that as I get older this will get worse so I have to be strong and ready for whatever it comes.

I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) when I was 18 years old by a gynecologist, Since that day I have been struggling with it and trying to get it under control which has been very hard. If you don’t know what PCOS is here is a good link with many information about it:

It was not until this last year that all my symptoms really got worse. I was having troubles with: my mood swings, acne, oily skin, dandruff, weight gain, anxiety, depression, sleep apnea and many other things Im really to ashamed to write about. It really has been hell and I think it was thanks to a change in my medications. Since I was diagnosed with PCOS I was taking Yazmin (birth control pills) which my body eventually got so use to that it just stopped working, my doctor change it to Yaz (which made things even worse) and then I decided to have a second opinion. I went to a endocrinologist and he prescribed me provera 10 mg for 7 days every month. This just made things even worse. Two weeks ago I went again and explained to him that I was even missing my periods again. With that said he told me I had to go back to Yazmin pills which where the ones that once worked fine. He also told me that when they stop working again that I had to go back to provera and so on. I just hope that with Jazmin everything goes back to normal again and I just stop being miserable at all times.

This really sucks!! -_- it’s like a never ending story. My self-esteem has been damaged thanks to all this. I feel sick all the time and everyday I see a new symptoms. Also, this has affected my social skills with people. But I have to say this has taught me a lot of things in life, I have family and friends who love me for me and not because of my looks. Also this has helped me to grow and understand people going trough similar situations. Most of all I have learned to accept that I’m beautiful no matter what and that people really should stop looking into Hollywood and more into what’s really beautiful in a person. Our world is a beautiful place and each day we learn something new but if all you do is wrapped yourself into what society wants out of you, you are never going to be happy.

Here are some great PCOS Awareness photos I found:

Oh well, ladies and gents I hope I didn’t bored you LOL

Love you all!!