Candy’s Birthday Party is one day away!!

We are so excited!!! Candy is turning two tomorow, time has passed so fast. She is my little crazy pup and no matter how old she gets she always acts like one LOL I love her soooo much <3

We will share pics during next week, be ready!!! :-D


Pretty Collars and Harnesses!!!

So we were contacted by this lovely lady called Sharon telling us about her business so we went to her website and saw all the products she offers. The name of the store is Around the Collar, it is in New York and they have been making products for many years. They use top-grade leather and genuine Swarovski stones in all their designs.

I must say she has so many cute pieces in her store. We specially loved the purple harness and the colorful bling collars. Everything seems very well made and we just can’t wait to order something from her store.

Here are some pieces we saw and loved at the website!!! :-D

Our Favorite!!!

Our second Favorite!!! lol

They also make carriers for small dogs :-)

This are step in harnesses

They have so many colors and combinations, I love it

So pretty!!

We would make a proper review when we get something from the store!! And just for fun we added this ad with and IG that has one of the collars of her collection on!! <3

BONUS!!! She just informed me that everyone who buys from her website will get free shipping (Only United States) if you mention our blog so if you were thninking about ordering now is the right time!!! :-D Let us know what you get, we love seeing pics!!

Lil Yorkie Fru Fru (Doggie Fashion Review)

Here is our first Review in doggie Fashion!! :-D We will make many more of these so everyone is updated on the latest trends and amazing stores online of doggie clothing.

Lil Yorkie Fru Fru is owned by Kelly Owens in the United States. All her couture pieces are handmade from scratch and can be custom made to fit any dog or even cat. Her work has been all around websites, magazines and even fashion shows.

We couldn’t miss out the fun so we ordered one of her famous tutu dresses. Candy being a Italian Greyhound and having such odd measuraments always makes me have doubts at the time of ordering any clothing piece online. I talked to her, she was extremly nice and assure me that she would make a dress to fit perfectly. I trust her so I ordered a cupcake tutu pink dress. Here it is:

I was amazed on how pretty and well made her pieces look up close. The shipping was fast and everything was super well packed. We can’t wait to get more couture pieces from her!! They are one of a kind and very unique so if your looking for a perfect dress for your doggie I would recommend Lil Yorkie Fru Fru in a second. These are perfect for any fashion show, parties and even photoshoots.

For more information on her website and creations here is the link: or:

Here are more photos of her work!!

Until out next post!!


Candy and Emily

Birthday Party Comming Soon!!!

Candy’s 2nd Birthday party is going to be on March 27, expect many photos and ideas for doggie parties!!


Emily and Candy

Did you miss us??

We are back!!! :-D Expect many new posts and reviews!!! :-D

My collars now available at Diva Dogs Boutique!!!

We are soooo happy to announce that my collars made it to one of the most known pet boutiques in Puerto Rico, Diva Dogs Boutique. We have known the owner for over a year now and she has always been super nice to me and specially to Candy. She wanted to see my designs and loved them so she ordered some to see how they sell. I was so happy and thankful for this opportunity and I do hope they sell great!!

Here are some photos of the huge order!!!

Here is one of the beautiful dogs of the owner of the store (Zaira), she has three Chihuahuas and one Dachshund. The pup name is Grecia and she is a one and a half year old probably weighting around 2 pounds.  A very cute and gorgeous tiny dog!!

Here she is modeling our newest design called “The Dauphine”

And of course Candy was with me during this busy day on her new pink car seat. She loves it!!

Micro Bubbles Therapy (Spa Day for Candy)

Candy had a microbubble treatment today and I must say I was impressed by it. We are very happy with everything at the store, from the service to the actual treatment and prize. They only charged us $10.00 (original prize is $25.00) and she received the treatment for 15 minutes. I will take her monthly because this treatment helps with dog who suffer from skin allergies.

This treatments helps your dog in many ways and they don’t use any shampoo or others products besides water to clean them so it is very safe. This cleans all the dirt from the skin and pores, and helps the hair retrieve its original shine.

Here is more information about it if you want to know more:

I forgot to take pictures when they did it =( but I did got to see them doing it from far =) which took all my anxiety away. I was anxious because Candy hates water but she actually loved the treatment LOL she was very relaxed after it too.

Here are some pictures of other customers though, Enjoy!!! =D

Isn’t it a gorgeous doggie spa and boutique??

The Spa section!

This is where they do the treatment

For big dogs…

and tiny!

This was how I found Candy when I picked through the door, she was very relaxed. Even thought she did see me she didn’t cry or tried to run to get to me which took me by surprise, means it does relax your pup!!

We even got this beautiful collar!!

Leave me alone I’m trying to see the birds mom!!

Here is a very impressive video of what you can achieve with this treatment in a dog who has skin conditions

Lastly I would recommend this to any dog owner because it is a good way and cheap also to give something to your dog which he or she will enjoy very much.

Take Care Everyone!!!